7 tutorials to get started with nawmalMAKE

This series of 7 lessons are to help you get started making movies, or to accompany your trial of nawmalMAKE. We look forward to seeing your movies!


Click on the corresponding picture to start the lesson. 

Lesson 1

Getting started with nawmalMAKE

Learn to:

  • Insert a character
  • Character Position Widget
  • Add Voice and Dialog
  • Move Your Character
  • Standing vs Sitting

Lesson 2

Adding a character and a Voice

Learn to:

  • Add a Character
  • Add a Voice for Allison
  • Add Dialog
  • Add Gestures
  • Facial Expression and Looking at the Camera
  • Gestures
  • Recast a character
  • Export

Lesson 3

Add your own images or video

Learn to:

  • Open your Project
  • Import Media
  • Locate Media-Friendly Area
  • Add the Media

Lesson 4

All about Cameras

Learn to:

  • Open your project
  • Automatic Cinematography
  • Apply Independent camera angles
  • Create an Independent Camera Angle
  • Move the Camera
  • Add an Angle
  • Change an Angle
  • Delete an Angle
  • Apply Smart Camera Angles

Lesson 5

Bring your movie to life

Learn to:

  • Manipulate Markers
  • Move Cameras
  • Teleport Characters
  • A Little Extra

Lesson 6

Take your Movie to the Next Level

Learn to:

  • Begin the Scene
  • Create a Third Character
  • Automatic Settings
  • Create dialog
  • Same Subjects, Different Angles
  • Reaction Shot
  • Closeup Shot
  • Over the Shoulder Shot

Lesson 7

Enhance your Movie's Emotion and your Audience's Empathy

Learn to:

  • Insert Pause.
  • Draw Attention to the Action
  • Zoom-in, Dolly-in or Push-in
  • Follow Character
  • Panning
  • Revealing something new in the background