Lesson 1 – Getting started with Nawmal


Hello, and welcome to Nawmal! We are thrilled you want to be part of the hottest way to create engaging animated movies straight from your desk.

While other software tools allow you to create animated movies, Nawmal is different. Using actual Hollywood film and camera techniques, you won’t be creating “just another video.” You’ll be creating a movie.

In this first lesson, you will learn how to:

  • Select a location
  • Select a character
  • Move a character around using the Character Position Widget
  • Insert dialog
  • Move, pivot and lift a character using the move tools
  • Choose a character’s voice

Let’s Get Started

We know you are keen to get started, so we are going to dive right in. As you create your movie, we will talk about the software navigation – and we will even go into some film techniques to make your movie truly shine. Ready?

1.      After having downloaded and installed Nawmal, you’ll find a desktop icon that looks like this:

Double-click this icon to start. After the Nawmal splash screen appears, you’ll see a screen that prompts you to choose to create a new project or open an existing one. Because this is your first project, this screen will be empty and look like this:


Later, this screen will contain your recent projects, offering you another way to open one.

2.      Click New Project. A New Project dialog appears, allowing you to scroll through the various collections of sets (a set is the location, or place, where a movie takes place). You are more than welcome to explore on your own – you will be amazed at the variety of locations and the artistic detail that each one contains. But for this first lesson, we’re going to select the TV Set.

3.      Click the arrow next to Collection, and then scroll through the available collections of sets to the Suits collection. You can explore the other collections later.

4.      Click TV Set to select it.

Then OK at the bottom right. Nawmal opens with the TV Set location.