about nawmal

nawmal was founded in April of 2015, born of the simple idea: making the creation of video accessible to all.

More recently, this has taken a clearer focus. Everyone has a story to tell, but not everyone can.

There are many reasons people have challenges expressing themselves and being heard. Our goal is to offer a “voice”.

Some of us have interests and desires we’ve never dared to tell, or are perhaps scared of what others might think. nawmal offers some people a way to test their ideas. For others, it’s a way to share thoughts and ideas with close friends and family, or with the whole world!

We believe it’s important that you get to choose; that you are in control of your “voice”, expression and message - whether you want to share exhaustive, detailed documentaries on the lifecycle of the cicada, or act out conversations with your friends. It’s our goal to help.

Our mission is to help people communicate; to express themselves and their ideas; and through that, connect with others close and far.

To help your uniqueness and personality to shine. After all, it is our differences that give us our identity.

Paul - CEO nawmal