about nawmal

nawmal was founded in April of 2015 by one of the founders and two ex-employees of xtranormal; where they helped develop the wonderful animated movie-makers loved by so many. (Paul, Claude and Mathieu)

The shared motivation was to build on the ideas and technology developed previously. 

One of the founding principals was to improve on the ability to enable inexperienced users to create sophisticated looking videos, quickly and with a minimum of training and effort. To empower anyone to communicate their idea.

Our goal is to help everyone make their own videos. Unfortunately that is not achievable instantly; and as a very small team, we have to prioritize where we focus our efforts.

Many loved making their own short, animated videos. Often for unanticipated uses.

For some - particularly in the creation of professional learning and training courses, and in use by teachers and students in schools - this technology has the potential to deeply impact their way of working. These are people that nawmal are particularly keen to work with and support, and believe nawmal's tools can play a part in improving the journey of information as it travels through the stages of teaching, communication, learning and ultimately retention.

We have been working very hard to release nawmalMAKE and nawmalEDU and are delighted to have got this far. We have revived much of the legacy technology, and have started to improve on it. But for everyone at nawmal, this is only the beginning. 

We can’t wait to share with you where we see the next generation tools going. For us, the future of “simple-in sophisticated-out” animation looks very exciting, and we sincerely hope you join us for the ride.

Paul - CEO nawmal