Services and Training

If you need a hand, nawmal can help
With a range of training options
To help you or your team get the most from nawmal.
By creating movies for you
To add a little "movie magic" to your videos.
By creating templates and unique, custom characters and sets
Purpose built to fulfill your needs.

Asset Creation

Build unique, bespoke characters and sets for use in your movies. These can give your characters an identifiable appearance unique to your movies, and supply characters and sets in your corporate colors, identity and brand. 

Polishing Service

Our tools enable anyone to create their own movies, but sometimes you might feel you need a little help from someone who has a little more experience. nawmal offers a range of "polishing" services to add a little bit of sparkle — e.g. a hand with more professional camera angles, or with your dialogue or your story. Whatever you need, nawmal can help make you and your movie shine just that little bit brighter. And nobody else need ever know.

Content Creation

Need more than a "polish"? nawmal can help with story and script ideas, and take care of assembling the finished movies. Just let us know what you need, and we will take care of the rest. 


To help you get started and get an overview of the features available in nawmalMAKE - check them out here : nawmalMAKE tutorials

Training Course

If you want to get the best out of nawmalMAKE, we offer a series of training courses to help you maximize your potential. There are also courses to help you be a better movie-maker: how to tell your story, how to get your points across while keeping your audience engaged and entertained.


Like the training courses, the workshops take place in person. Learn tips and techniques from expert users and specialists — in how to get the most from nawmalMAKE, and how to maximize the audience engagement and retention of your content.