nawmal comes with a family of Medical and Healthcare professionals

With characters and sets ready to act out your scenarios.

The characters perform using synthesized voices or  automatically lip-sync to your recorded voice files.


Including doctors and nurses

supported by a cast of "everyday" people.

You can use the new characters in any of the 100 available sets that come with nawmalMAKE, while the sets in the new medical collection include:
Front desk
For Walk-in, reception and admissions.
For Doctor consultaion with a patient or colleague.
Or for admin with staff, supplier or sales rep.
For conversation between staff or with family members.
Any background
Using your own photos, you can put the characters in any environment, or over any background or video.


With nawmalMAKE you can create professional quality videos for many applications.

why use video?
  • 75% of employees are more likely to watch video than read text
  • people are increasingly accustomed to watching videos on mobile devices
  • can watch where and when they want
  • More about "why?" and "how?"
    with nawmal you can:
  • excite and engage your learners
  • improve retention of information
  • add character to your courses
  • depict scenarios
  • introduce a course
  • own the content you create
  • create movies yourself
  • create videos depicting:
  • best practises
  • the wrong and the right way to deal with difficult situations - and people
  • compliance and security
  • workplace harassment awareness
  • many other HR issues

  • GET nawmalMAKE TODAY!
    as a recurring subscription plan, charged annually

    If you need a hand, nawmal can help
    With a range of training options
    To help you or your team get the most from nawmal.

    Start with a free 7-day course of lessons.
    By creating movies for you
    To add a little "movie magic" to your videos.
    By creating templates and unique, custom characters and sets
    Purpose built to fulfill your needs.