Grab your learners' attention
Use videos to engage your audience

It's not just personal observation, numerous studies have concluded that the use of video helps to quickly grab and retain your audience's attention.

Conveying information by video also helps with the viewer's absorption and retention of the information being communicated.

But creating video is logistically complicated, inflexible once shot and prohibitively expensive to produce - a luxury only to be used sparingly if at all. Right? And 3D animation is unrealistically slow, cumbersome and costly, plus you have to hire an animation expert to create the animation, so you risk losing control of your content.

Not any more. nawmalMAKE makes it possible to capitalize on the benefits of using instructive video in all your training and communications.

How you can use videos

nawmalMAKE enables you to turn your text-based training into engaging videos, improving the effectiveness of your training and communication.

An animated introductory video will quickly focus your learners’ attention – setting the tone, helping to navigate the course, and ultimately becoming their guide. You can see some examples here:

You can easily depict "human interactions", that learners can relate to, understand and remember. 

Animated scenarios depicting character interactions and example solutions can greatly improve your learner's engagement and comprehension - more clearly and efficiently demonstrating the situation than a text description.

Using animated characters also allows you to address and portray difficult or sensitive subject matter - making the subject easier to watch, less distracting and more accessible.

A short, effective video made with nawmalMAKE quickly communicates the ideas, demanding a small amount of your viewer's time; is much more engaging than "boring" text, and improves the retention of the communicated information. It's also ideally suited to the creation of Micro-Learning.

Learning & Development • TRAINIng • E-LEARNING  

  • Add character to your courses... with characters!
  • Improve viewer engagement
  • Elevate retention of information
  • Corporate compliance training
  • Improvement courses
  • Training scenarios
  • HR communications


  • Branded corporate communications
  • Professional-quality animated movies
  • Iterate until everything is just right
  • Create versions in different languages


  • Engage viewers with a virtual spokesperson
  • Helps viewers better remember your company and products
  • Animated characters are the perfect mascots: they don't age, get sick and are always available
Be a movie-maker

Simple to learn and easy to use, nawmalMAKE lets you direct your actors and create your own professional quality movies. In minutes, not weeks.

Easy and Fast

  • Choose a set
  • Choose the actors
  • Type the dialogue
nawmalMAKE takes care of the rest
Our unique artificial-intelligence gives you everything you need to make an instant movie: automatic talking actors, performance and camera cuts.

Instant movies made by you.


  • Control camera angles and movement
  • Add 100+ gestures to the actors
  • Make actors walk around
  • Add music, sound effects and titles
Take your movies to the next level
Want more control? nawmalMAKE lets you direct the actors. Choose where they stand, what they say, where they walk to and what they do. You can pick from over 100 gestures and expressions and add more actors to the set you've chosen. Add multiple cameras and decide what they see and when to switch between them. Finish it off with titles, music and sound effects.

You have complete creative control.

Advanced Features

  • Brand-able characters and sets
  • Insert videos and still images
  • Automatic lip-sync to recorded voice
  • Commercial usage rights
  • No watermarks
Fully brand your movie
With even more advanced features, create unique, customized environments where your brand shines. Use professionally-recorded voices directly in the application and have the virtual actors automatically lip-sync to them. Publish high-resolution, watermark-free videos.

Great for creative and corporate professionals alike.

Your movies featuring your brand.


  • Ease of use
  • Quality of end result
  • Speed of creation
  • Flexibility to explore variations
  • Cost efficiency

It's even fun to use!

Nothing else comes close.