Grab your learner's attention

Here, Independent Learning Consultant Allyson Benavides explains why using nawmal videos is so powerful.

Each of these videos was created and completed in less than 5 hours.

An animated introductory video will quickly focus your learners’ attention – setting the tone, helping to navigate the course, and ultimately becoming their guide.

Relating the character to the learning material not only creates visual context to what they are learning, it creates an immediate relatability and social connection. This connection motivates learners to the point where they are more likely to trust and retain the information.

Creating an animated, approachable, pedagogical character to introduce segments of a course is not only entertaining, but acts as a touchstone for learning.

When learners have a character to identify with, they are more likely to trust – and ultimately recall – the information. Your learners will have a visual context to what they are learning and are more likely to recall the information.

Scenario-based training is a powerful way to quickly connect with your learners', especially when creating soft-skills learning - such as Leadership and Sales training courses. Using video to tell your story is the most effective way to engage learners and connect with their emotions.

Accurately depicting human interactions helps your learners to visualize, engage and understand your scenario; for example, showing how to conduct a performance review or have a difficult conversation with a team member.