Getting started

How to make your first movie:

once you've installed nawmalMAKE, this videos shows how to log in, and make a movie.
Choose your set;
Choose your actors;
Type the dialogue;
Press "play".
You've made a movie!


Project files

An introduction to project files, including:

How to create a new project;
Open a recent project;
Open a saved project.

Positioning characters in a scene

Shows how to add and position characters within a scene:

How to place the actors;
How to reposition them in the scene;
How to place them so they are in the right positions for the automated camera cuts.

Navigating the 3D view in nawmalMAKE

nawmalMAKE allows you to move around in the 3D scene.

This video shows how to change the 3D view; which is actually moving a camera in the scene.
The video demonstrates each of the controls to position the camera and change the framing.

Introduction to using the cameras in nawmalMAKE

This video shows how to use the cameras and smart cameras; update the camera positions and add your own camera positions.

Creating camera moves in nawmalMAKE

Give your moves the professional touch by adding a camera move. This video will give you all you need to know to get started.

Text-To-Speech voice controls

You can control the characteristics of the actors' synthesized voices, including speed, pitch and in some cases timbre. These controls allow you to created higher, slower, faster, lower sounding voices - and can have multiple characters with different sounding performance all from one voice.
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