Grab the attention of your learners

Only nawmalMAKE enables you to turn your text-based training into engaging videos.

With nawmalMAKE you can do it, and you can do it quickly.

The examples below illustrate how you can use nawmalMAKE to create animated course introductions and content. The characters in the introductions can also become course mentors, guiding your learner through the course material.

An animated introductory video will quickly focus your learners’ attention – setting the tone, helping to navigate the course, and ultimately becoming their guide.

This finished video was created in less than 5 hours

Relating the character to the learning material  not only creates visual context to what they are learning, it creates an immediate relatability and social connection. This connection motivates learners to the point where they are more likely to trust and retain the information.


Creating an animated, approachable, pedagogical character to introduce segments of a course is not only entertaining, but acts as a touchstone for learning.

This finished video was created in less than 5 hours

When learners have a character to identify with, they are more likely to trust – and ultimately recall – the information. Your learners will have a visual context to what they are learning and are more likely to recall the information.


Scenario-based training is a powerful way to quickly connect with your learners', especially when creating soft-skills learning - such as Leadership and Sales training courses. Using video to tell your story is the most effective way to engage learners and connect with their emotions.

Accurately depicting human interactions helps your learners to visualize, engage and understand your scenario; for example, showing how to conduct a performance review or have a difficult conversation with a team member.

Text document to video - affordably

Here's an example illustrating the engagement benefits and the clearer communication of information which can be achieved by turning a 3 page instructional PDF, into a 2 minute video created using nawmalMAKE.

The text was copied from the document and pasted into MAKE, and the screen-grabbed images were copied and displayed on the active screens in the set.

The whole transformation was completed entirely in nawmalMAKE and took under 3 hours.

With thanks to David Harnden and all at enovista

Our users

Jean-Charles Guy

Jean-Charles uses the software in a very creative way; he mixes reality and animation. It is not uncommon in his movies to see nawmal's characters interact with real people. His engaging movies are used for communication and training purposes within the company. 


Just nutmeg it!

nawmal worked with AMV BBDO and nutmeg to help create their new advertising campaign.

The TV ad was created by London animation studio NotToScale using high-resolution versions of two nawmal characters.

The TV ad was created by London animation studio NotToScale using high-resolution versions of two nawmal characters.

nawmal's specially created characters are being used in nawmalMAKE to create videos for an online campaign to run in conjunction with the TV ad and a poster campaign running across London.

Eric Valor

Eric used the software in a very unique way. In 2006 Eric was surfing and snowboarding. By early 2007, Eric needed a wheel-chair, and by September of that year, he was confined to bed. He can now only communicate using a computer screen that tracks his eye movements. This dramatic change was brought on by the onset of ALS – remember the Ice-Bucket Challenge? Eric is one of the people that was trying to help.

Eric is now an advocate and spokesperson for a number of ALS related causes, and is a passionate creator of videos using our software controlled through his eye-tracking computer.

To learn more about Eric please visit his website, and support him in any way you can.

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