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This trial will give you a taste of how easy it is to use nawmalEDU to create videos yourself. 

  • how easy it is to learn and use
  • how fast it is to create videos
  • how easy it is to add life to your lessons with animated characters.

The trial version gives you access to all of the available characters and sets: including around 250 characters in a variety of styles, and a broad selection of sets to choose from.

This trial version does not output video, however subscribers can output a range of video formats (up to full HD) including: mp4 (h.264), avi, wmv, flv

We want you to have fun using this trial version, but please note, and as mentioned in the EULA, any videos you create with this trial version or with nawmalEDU must not be used for commercial purposes.
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Please tell us a few things about yourself and we'll send you an email with the instructions on how to download nawmalEDU (Windows 7, 8 or 10) as well as your username and password.